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Friday, October 11, 2013

High Five for Friday! Warning: Nervous Babble Ahead!

I'm feeling a bit fussy, and not at all thrilled about Friday. Today is my second doctor's appointment with my new doctor, and the second appointment is traditionally when doctors who seemed sweet and caring turn into vicious little cannibals that try to devour me whole. Maybe I exaggerate. Maybe I don't. Fear and paranoia aside, I've had a much improved week this time around! The flare seems to be fading (although we'll see what an anxiety-ridden trip to the doctor brings to the table) and I've even left the neighborhood.

Linking with up Lauren for High Five for Friday!

1. It's finally approaching more of what I consider fall weather here in Cincinnati! I was able to wear my cowl, while drinking a pumpkin spice latte. Definitely better than the 85 degree days we were having the week before. Way to get it together, Cincy.

2. Did I mention fall? Mushroom risotto also totally happened! It's definitely fall when the risotto gets busted out. One of the qualities least likely to be used to describe me would be "patient", so why on earth risotto has become one of my favorite things to cook, I really don't understand. But I'll take it. 

3. We had to go to the DMV this week. I know, perhaps this isn't a normal cause for celebration, but it was really exciting! It only took twenty minutes! And with parking paid for two whole hours, we got to wander around downtown Cincinnati. We both felt more at home in a bigger city-like setting than in the smaller, treed in little neighborhoods. Plus, one of the Starbucks downtown was the first to actually call a drink properly and make it to perfection. For someone like Jose, who is a former Sbux barista, this is something to be moderately impressed by. For someone like me, who is a former Sbux barista and a total bitch about standards and is incredibly picky, this was something to look down my nose at them and say in a haughty voice "Finally." Also, see that sky? Finally, some real weather. (My snobbery does not apply solely to Starbucks, but may also be applied (but not limited) to restaurants, weather and trees).

4. We found a real bookstore downtown! Finally. I love that ridiculous smell of old books. This one was piled high with horrible cookbooks and ancient French primers. Excellent.

5. Chicken bone broth is one of my favorite things. Like the risotto above, I am slightly odd in that I make both of them in wide pans, instead of pots. It's my thing, I guess. Bone broth is truly one of my favorite things to make -- and to eat! I like that the weather is cool enough to leave something simmering on the stove all day. Odd that the air conditioning won't make it from the living room to the kitchen, but that the heat from the kitchen will make it to the living room. Is this some kind of brutal apartment physics?

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