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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fibro Days: Sicktimes

I am always on guard for my getting sick. With Fibromyalgia, I realize that getting sick is going to mean a lot of frustration. The chronic sinus pain will triple, the aching will deepen, and I'll be even less capable than usual of taking care of myself. What totally blindsided me this time around was Jose getting sick, and me not. This meant taking care of a poor sick boy, something I usually am quite good at -- but not anymore. How hard it was to realize that I hadn't even remembered to throw tons of garlic and ginger at him like I usually do, as well as other treatments. How hard to realize that I was too exhausted to drive to the store.

I'll have to figure out some other way that I can handle a sick boyfriend in a way that doesn't overextend me, but still makes him feel taken care of. The fact that he doesn't get sick often is good for obvious reasons, but for me it makes it harder to understand, harder to work with. I can't set up a This is How I Function With Sick Boyfriend routine without having some working knowledge to draw on.

Or I can simply just declare that neither of us will ever get sick again. Well done, me.

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