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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sewing days: Or lack thereof

I've not been sewing because I've had this lovely creature called a Ganglion cyst living on my wrist. I've had him for quite some time, and occasionally he bothers me, and I just wrap him up until he chills out. Recently though, he's doubled in size (it's really not a good picture of how freakish this thing looked) and caused my hand and wrist to swell up and hurt like you would not believe. I've got me some high pain tolerance. Not for this baby. I went in on Thursday to get it drained (omg so gross/cool), and am still working off some of the residual pain. The doctor said that it's likely to come back, but often they come back smaller and less offensive. Whatever. I don't care if he comes back with a mustache...I'm just so glad he's gone for now!

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