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Friday, February 1, 2013

Fibro Days: Super fun metaphor chart: or the sentimental blog post that I totally failed to write

While I was in New Mexico, I couldn't stop staring at the sky. It was sort of everywhere. The gigantic blue expanse was rather terrifying to a girl who grew up thinking that the sky was supposed to look as pictured above. The New Mexico sky is a brilliant thing, but this classic Oregon sky cloud-cover makes me feel safe, protected.

You know, let's just scrap the sentimental post and go with this:

My Super Fun Cloudy Sky/Fibromyalgia Metaphor Chart:

cloudy sky = lots of rain --> after rain, rainbows, etc --> but also in Oregon, after rainbows, more rain --> also, hey, sometimes rain is fun, with the coziness of being all warm inside with tea and blankets and things like that, right?

 Fibromyalgia = hooraysufferingtime --> learning lots of things about myself in the meantime --> still freaking hard --> hey, who knew that I could learn to sew, cook, meditate, do yoga and keep a journal and...uh... enjoy it?

Oh, yeah, there was going to be a whole thing about the New Mexico sky, but there isn't anymore. You're welcome.


  1. I enjoy your blog Andrea however short it may be. I use to live in Albuquerque so I can identify with what you say about the sky there. Sorry I'm in a fibro fog and wanted to comment further but will in the future as better days are ahead.
    Thanks for your unique sentiment...I enjoy it.

    1. Thank you so much for reading this sad little shambly blog! I started getting into the swing of things, and then started designing it and then my fibro had a seriously bad flare...and this sadly wasn't part of a routine enough for me to be able to continue doing it. I'm starting to get back on my feet after a couple months of being pretty incapacitated. I was just thinking yesterday morning about how I should get back into finishing making this place look pretty and presentable, and start posting again, when lo and behold SOMEONE ACTUALLY READS IT! How amazingly fateful, yes? So, my chronically sore butt is now officially in gear, and I will be posting again shortly. Thanks for stopping by!


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