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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Knitting Days: Tinking

The word "tink" is the word "knit" spelled backwards. It's what you do when you need to go back a bit (or a lot), but not actually scrap the whole project. When you scrap the whole project, fyi, it's called frogging. I do not know the why of that one. 

There's been a lot of tinking going on around here. Everything's going backwards. I'm still slogging. Stuck in a rough flare-up that seems to have no end in sight. I'm sure it will end, they always do.

Look how pretty! 

 But when you realize that you need to go backwards for five whole rounds (180 stitches each + bonus: cables), you feel like giving in on the whole damn thing. I love this sweater and think it is coming along rather swimmingly. Then there is that sudden realization that I missed a cable row five rows ago, and boom I don't want to even think about the sweater, I hate the sweater!

The hard truth in knitting is that you can't move forward until you've gone backwards and fixed the mistake. So last night I did tink back those five rounds, even though I did truly just want to throw the sweater in a box and never look at it again. I'm still a little mad at it (even though, yes, it was my own fault because it was the sweater's fault), so I'm not really knitting away on it today like I might have otherwise. But at least I don't have to go backwards any more, even if I'm not moving too far forwards. 

What I'm trying to say, in case you missed my ever-so-subtle undertones, is that I'm stuck. I'm stuck in a flare-up and everything I'm used to doing isn't really on the menu these days. Making pudding turned into a disaster that left my whole body aching, and me crying. Pudding should never end in tears.  So all I can do is try to not get worse, until I can start taking steps to getting better. 

My solution? Star Trek: The Original Series and juice. I'm letting Captain Kirk handle my worries for the rest of the day, and drinking juice freshly pressed from my brand new juicer. And I'm taking a break from knitting.  Hopefully I'll be calm enough to pick it back up in a few days and start moving forward.

Happy tinking, happy resting, and happy knitting!

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  1. What's true in knitting is true in life... sometimes we have to go backwards and fix what's broken before we can move forward. I hope you feel better soon. Flares suck.


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