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Thursday, May 15, 2014

** wise words: when health is not on your side **

Pre-post: Me, blogger, and Microsoft OneDrive got in a fight, and as a result, I have a wonky new layout that I don't have the energy to fix right now. Um. Just, sort of avert your eyes. Sorry.

I have a post that I was going to put up, but then I saw this come out on Michelle's blog, the Fat Nutritionist, and I really wanted to share it. I also didn't want to format my own post. Ahem. But the message that Michelle gives here is really, really important and I think many of us need to read it!

In her blog post "When health is not on your side" that I am linking here and being really explicit about because I know my links are not brightly colored and visible and I'm totally working on that, Michelle talks about what it means to try to attain "health" when, it doesn't seem like "health" the way people in glossy magazines and yoga websites talk about it. Definitely read the comments too...the people there are so smart and amusing and friendly! Their insights are usually just as good as the blog entry itself :)

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