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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fibro Days: Adventures + Learning to take it easy

I like to go on adventures. It's been awhile since I've wanted to do things, see things, be out in the world. I've been too sick. Both physically and rather spiritually as well. I've always loved to see new things, go places. It died out for awhile, but suddenly, it's back and I feel like a kid again!

John A Roebling Bridge over the Ohio River

We go to explore exciting places like Whole Foods and Joseph Beth Bookstore. Most recently, we made it down to the Ohio River on the riverfront in downtown Cincinnati. We took a walk across the bridge, wandered a block or two in Covington, KY, and walked back. We stopped for a break to sketch and get some frozen yogurt. I would have loved to stay out longer and explore the little gardens and fountains along the riverfront, but I knew that the walk across the bridge had already probably been too much for me. It's hard to keep adventures small, but also very satisfying to focus yourself on one or two things to really enjoy intently. We'll go back soon and see the gardens, maybe bring a picnic.

Riverfront Park

Even when we just branch out to different neighborhoods to find a store, it's an adventure because we make it one. It feels nice to have the negative and cynical fog lifted from my head. Whether it's the magic of Cincinnati itself, or the work I've been putting into my spiritual doesn't matter. I'm happy to be happy again. To want to see things, even if I have to work hard for it.

We've taken our adventures down from once a week to once every other week because they do take a toll on my body. I've been greedy with them, worried that I'll stop wanting to see things if I stop going out. But I don't think that's the case. We're going to take this weekend off, but we'll be out and about again next weekend. I hear there's a Lush somewhere around here, and nothing makes me more excited than walking into a Lush**. Or maybe we'll take a picnic to the UC campus and hang around there. They do have a triceracopter:
It's just what it looks like.
The point is a) that I wanted to share the triceracopter and b) that it doesn't matter too much where we go. I like to get out, and it makes me feel stronger to know that I can do it, without it hurting me too much. It can be hard to go slow, but in the end, it's always worth it!

** While this might seem like an exaggeration, I have thought it through carefully and come to this conclusion: Only my birthday makes me more excited than walking into a Lush. Oh my god. My birthday at Lush?  Make it happen.

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