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Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fibro Days: Tea-time

Reading Major Pettigrew's Last Stand this week I was reminded of the overwhelming sense that I was a stodgy old British man of the countryside in a past life. I've had this feeling for as long as I can remember -- possibly starting with reading Terry Pratchett books when I was about 7 or 8. I love rules, traditions, and very importantly, I love when those things are applied to tea. I am also not a complete jerk*, and am very willing to bend my rules and traditions, should it be made apparent that I ought to do so. 

I also love tweed, long walks in the country, and I snicker when people are unprepared for the rain. But that's not what this post is about.

I haven't been drinking tea much since I've discovered that drinking caffeine can mess with my system in very not fun ways. I started saving it not just for a morning hot drink, but for only when it felt really special. But with the recent warm spell, tea fell totally off my radar for awhile. 

Preparing to move across the country has been quite the task on my chronically ill self, and we have been trying to take a lot of measures to help that out. I get very, very fussy when things aren't in their proper places, and not going super according-to-plan. Add to that the chronic exhaustion, pain, and mental fog, and moving is a recipe for a whole hell of a lot of fussy. We're talking 3-year-old not getting what they want in the store after missing naptime kind of fussy. So, there I was,  reading this book and thinking grumpily "I wish I could sit down and have proper tea.", and I realized that I sounded pretty ridiculous.  I can't have "proper" tea, but I can make do. So I set this up on my little coffee table, balanced my book on my knees, and had a go at it. 

It was lovely.

It was nice to remind myself that makeshift is okay, better than nothing at all, under these circumstances. Lots of things are going to have to be makeshift and haphazard for the days to come. I haven't been posting because I don't feel like all the circumstances are correct. I'm tired, my blog doesn't look as pretty as I want it to, and I don't much want to talk about anything except to whine about moving. But, hey, look...I can make do!

And tea. I can definitely make tea.

*depending on who you are, this is probably debatable

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