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Me? I'm just a fancy girl with dreams of fancy things. Unless I don't feel like being fancy. I'd like to say that I'm a young, carefree girl trapped in a Fibromyalgia-ridden body, but I'm pretty sure that I've always been too neurotic and analytical to ever have been young and carefree.

I like butterflies, tea, kittens, making clothes, wearing clothes, cooking, and learning about stuff. I have also been known to build tables, oil and acrylic paint, draw, ink things, make papier mache narwhals, get degrees in Linguistics, teach languages to people, travel, and hit things with large sticks.

Fibromyalgia has taught me to teach myself how to sew and cook, different ways to look at life and self-worth, as well as how to be an excellent Sitter-Upon-Couches.

This blog is here to be my vehicle for expressing my fanciness or lack thereof.

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